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100_wangsts's Journal

100 (W)angsts
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This community sprung from a random discussion by arivess and hagane_no that turned into a rather amusing idea. The original discussion was about how Edward Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist) can angst about any topic you give him, and turned into a little themes challenge. It was originally going to be called 100_angsts, but, since our idea was more crack than anything else, our friend, shokora_kukki, decided that it should be called 100_wangsts instead. And thus this community is born!


01. First, you must join the community.

02. You may work with a partner, however, you will be sharing the themeset if you do. Meaning, you can divide up the set however you wish, but you can’t both do the same one(s).

03. Each person/group can claim up to two things at once.

04. You can claim your pairing/character/etc here. Be sure to check the claimed list!

05. If you really want a claim that’s already taken, you may put it on the waiting list instead.

06. There is no set "deadline", but if someone put your claim on the waiting list and you’ve been inactive for more than a month, you’ll notified and asked whether or not you wish to keep the claim.

07. Posts can be of all forms – fics, drabbles, art, comics, sentences, paragraphs, etc. Anything goes, as long as you follow the theme.

08. Both serious and humorous posts are allowed, even if this did start from a crack idea.

09. You may have more than one claim per post. In fact, it’s preferable if you do short works.

10. Important! Anything longer than a paragraph must be behind a LJ-cut!

11. If you wish to drop a claim, comment on this post.

12. If you’ve completed a claim, comment on this post.

13. There is a small prize for finishing. What is it? You'll... just have to wait and see.

14. If you have any more questions, please check the FAQs.


Please post in the format of:

Pairing/Character/Etc: (Choose the most suitable one.)
Theme(s): (If you're only going to put the theme numbers, then indicate which themeset.)
Disclaimer: (Unless you’re doing originals.)

Remember that, for shorter things, you can group a few under the same heading. It would look very sad indeed to have a heading longer than the actual work, wouldn’t it? ^_~


Aaah, yes, the important thing.

Themeset #1
Themeset #2

There may be more themesets in the future. This possibility will be more probable if someone volunteers said themesets. ^_~


Claimed List
Claiming Post
Waiting List
Dropped Claims
Completed Claims
Archives (Memories)


We love affiliates! If you’d like to affiliate, please e-mail Ari or drop a comment on arivess.



E-mail: rachelani@hotmail.com
LJ: arivess